Check out our meteorologist’s predictions before you pack the car, read the science behind meteorology, and Snow Before You Go.

Snow before you go West graphic 4-19-24
Snow Before You Go: Where to Find the Best Snow this Week

Can’t wait to hit the slopes? Wait. Check Meteorologist Chris Tomer’s North America snow forecast before..

Bluebird day at Lake Louise Ski Resort in Alberta
2023-24 Long-Range Winter Weather Forecast for North America

Shorter days, cooler nights, and changing colors means fall is here. And with the fall season, ski season isn..

Expert tips: Why skiing on powder is better, Sun Valley powder skier ID.
Expert tips: Why Skiing on Powder is Better

When it comes to putting a fine point to it, there are really two kinds of skiing surfaces, hard and powder, and..

Snow science: How mountains make snow
Snow Science: How Mountains Make Snow

It’s bound to happen at some point this season. After a long day of skiing a few inches of powder at your ..

Here comes La Niña: This winter may pack big snows
Here comes La Niña: This winter may pack big snows

It’s time to talk about the weather and those twin weather-makers that make a difference in whether weR..

Storm chasing, finding the perfect snowstorm, powder.
Storm chasing: How to line up the perfect snowstorm

You watch it move from the upper left corner of the weather map—that beautiful blue magenta blob—and your pu..

What’s a SNOTEL site and why does it matter?

SNOTEL sites are the unsung heroes of weather stations for skiers and snowboarders in the western United States...

Pow Pow Now: Another Big Snow Event Hits Utah Mountains.
Pow Pow Now: Another Big Snow Event Hits Utah Mountains

Sponsored by Visit Utah The snow is dumping again at Utah resorts, and the sounds you hear are eager skiers tap..

Jackson Hole Snow 101; know weather patterns like a local

Want to feel like a Jackson local? Check out our overview about Jackson Hole’s geography and weather patterns ..

Does wind affect snow
Does wind affect snow? You bet it does and it’s good and bad

While wind may not be the best friend of a cold skier who’s duking out an internal battle between the desi..

The American GFS model is widely used by meteorologists and snow fanciers.
We can all use weather models to find snow

Weather forecasters often talk about the computer models they use to help predict snow, but are they just for th..

What does a perfect snowflake look like
What does a perfect snowflake look like?

Not all powder is created equal. Some is thick, heavy and “surfy”. Some is light, fluffy, and produces blind..

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