Where to Ski During the Summer in North America

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November to April is just not enough skiing for some of us. When you’ve got that itch to keep skiing or riding, no amount of mountain biking, hiking, or countless other warm-weather distractions are going to cut it. And while many powder chasers may head to South America, New Zealand, or Australia to ski after the North America ski season, there’s still late spring and summer skiing to be had at a number of North America ski resorts.

Keep reading for some of North America’s best ski resort options for summer skiing. If you want to think more globally, then head to this article for where you can ski around the world during the summer.

Timberline Lodge, Oregon

Featuring a chairlift dedicated exclusively to summer skiing, Timberline Lodge boasts the longest ski season in North America. Skiers and riders lapping Palmer Snowfield, located on the south face of Mt. Hood, may be sharing the slopes with Olympic-caliber athletes, who come to Mt. Hood to train during the summer months. Open daily June through August, Timberline is summer glacier skiing at its finest.

Timberline grooms several lanes across Palmer Snowfield, which is used primarily for training and summer camps, but the above-treeline terrain always includes at least one lane for public use where intermediate and above skiers and riders are welcome.

Timberline, Mt. Hood, OR.
Bluebird summer day at Timberline, Mt. Hood, Oregon. ©Shutterstock

Mammoth Mountain, California

Skiers and riders can typically count on Mammoth Mountain to hang on into the summer months, since it typically sees 400 inches of annual snowfall on average. The record-breaking 2022-23 season saw Mammoth stay open until August, when the summit received 900″ of snow. However, most seasons see it stay open until around Memorial Day Weekend. Visit in the spring and summer to enjoy multi-sport days, as Mammoth is home to mountain biking and golf. Check their website and social media channels for the latest operation updates.

Mammoth Mountain spring/summer.
Mammoth Mountain Ski Area ©Shutterstock

Palisades Tahoe, California

Like Mammoth, Palisades Tahoe, dubbed the Spring Skiing Capital, often stays open until around Memorial Day Weekend. They stayed open through July 4th during the 2022-23 season, when it received more than 700 inches of snow. This year Palisades Tahoe plans to stay open through Memorial Day Weekend. That means you can ski in the morning, and then play on Lake Tahoe, or go mountain biking, in the afternoon. Operations will look different each month at Palisades Tahoe, so check their website and social media channels for the latest updates.

Skier holding American flag up while catching air
©Palisades Tahoe

Header image: ©Palisades Tahoe

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